Organisation Development

Once you’ve assessed your organisation’s current position, devised an implementation process for change, you must focus on developing your business continually to remain flexible and responsive to change.

Much of our work is focused on building the capability of managers and staff to work with change positively and constructively. This makes change an opportunity for advancement rather than an obstacle to overcome.

360 Feedback

Design, Facilitate, Feedback, Report

Regular performance ‘tune-ups ‘ are essential for senior managers to maintain their match fitness.

Start by asking yourself: How much you know about how others experience the ability of your senior managers to get the job done with integrity and purpose while building solid and meaningful relationships?

If the answer to this question is not clear, or you want an objective third party to collect this important information on your behalf, ChangeWorks has a track record in providing this service for chief executives and general managers.

ChangeWorks can design, facilitate, feed-back and report the performance and development needs of your senior managers. We use a qualitative approach that quickly identifies the core performance and development themes.

In partnership with you and each senior manager we develop new insights, agreements and action planning for change.


Using an external facilitator enables your whole team to contribute fully and achieve its outcomes.

Whether it’s a strategic vision setting exercise, business planning or a team workshop, good facilitation is vital.


ChangeWorks’ coaching framework develops an individual’s understanding of their purpose, strengths, values, and skills and facilitates action and review.

We begin by establishing with you your goals, expectations and outcomes for your coaching.

We tailor our coaching to match your requirements. The coaching can concentrate on individual development, developing the strategy for your team, team development and effectiveness optimization.

We can also facilitate an agreement with your managers outlining the outcomes desired from the coaching spend.


Whether you are determining direction or reviewing how you work, a view on how well you are utilising the people in your business is key to business effectiveness.

ChangeWorks offers a range of diversity services from analysis, advice and development initiatives that cover cross cultural, gender and other aspects of diversity.

These services will assist your organisation to realise the full benefits of the money being spent on attraction, development and retention of talented staff. They will increase motivation and engagement of the staff who currently work for you.

We can help you ensure diversity is fully integrated into your business strategy, leadership and HR processes.

Human Resource Services

Your most dynamic and changing asset is your staff. The people you work with have the potential to change and shape your organisation constantly, and ChangeWorks can show you how to harness this potential into positive development.

ChangeWorks provides access to all the Human Resource services that exist in a large organisation, in a cost effective manner including:

  • HR Management strategy
  • Organisation Development
  • Position and competency analysis
  • Recruitment
  • Training and development
  • HRM policy development
  • Performance management
  • Diversity review and planning
  • 360º feedback set-up and administration
  • Remuneration
  • Salary review advice and administration
  • Employment relations management
  • Exit and redundancy strategies.


In the course of our work with individuals and teams, we use a number of proven diagnostic tools, which help people understand work styles, strengths and areas for improvement. ChangeWorks consultants are experienced in using these tools, which add real value to the way individuals and teams function together.

The Team Management Index (TMI)

The Team Management Index measures an individual’s work preferences. This provides valuable feedback in the key management areas of leadership, decision-making, team building, interpersonal skills, organisation and information management.

The TMI profiles are scientifically based on original thinking developed by Carl Jung, the Swiss philosopher and psychologist, and adapted by Margerison and McCann to apply to management and work situations.

Belbin® Team Role Profiling

A team of individuals playing to their team role strengths and with an understanding of each other’s contribution can achieve highly. Belbin® Team Role profiling identifies what individuals can contribute to teamwork.

Myers Briggs Team Indicator

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator® instrument is a questionnaire based on the Myers Briggs model of personality. This model of personality identifies people’s preferences, or natural inclinations.

Lominger Behavioural Competencies

We are accredited to compile behavioural competencies for your team and organisation.