Organisation Design

ChangeWorks’ approach to organisation design and change management is concise and simple, yet extremely effective in producing results.

We create a framework that:

  • Is structured, well-managed and works within existing organisation governance processes
  • Allows maximum and realistic staff participation and engagement
  • Is capable of addressing complex and challenging organisational issues that may have resisted other attempts at resolution
  • Is fully transparent
  • Ensures the widest possible engagement of stakeholders.

Organisation & Business Review

The most successful businesses constantly ask themselves: ‘How can we do our business better?’ This question prompts a consideration of how the organisation is functioning or highlights a specific business process that needs improvement. This process leads to change for the benefit of the business as a whole.

Business Capability

ChangeWorks’ approach to business improvement is aimed at helping your organisation thrive, and “future proofing” it for the inevitable times when costs and resources feel pressure. Many organisations spend a lot of their time “doing business with themselves”, at the expense of innovation and building up core activities.

Our methodology is based on helping you focus your resources to strengthen your core business activities and reduce the time and effort put into wasteful or duplicated activities.

Through this approach, your organisation has a much greater chance of adapting to changes as they occur in your operating environment without the need for major and potentially traumatic restructuring.

Process Mapping & Improvement

ChangeWorks can assist workplaces to identify their core processes and map or document those processes across departments. We can then put in place measures of process performance and facilitate the review and improvement of those processes.

The ChangeWorks philosophy is that for change to be sustainable, it must be driven from within.

ChangeWorks’ will work to develop an internal culture of innovation by developing a core group of internal change champions that are able to map and facilitate process improvements across the business.