Our Values

Trust, Honesty and Respect

  • We respect our clients, competitors and ourselves
  • We remain true to our principles
  • We have the courage and will to make decisions based on our principles
  • We treat people with dignity and are motivated to get the best from our relationships with others
  • We seek and give feedback and act on the feedback we receive
  • We respect everyone’s right to balance work and life responsibilities
  • We build relationships and understanding in our work and respect the integrity of the information we are given and the people we work with
  • We are fair in our business practices – our consulting charges are agreed at the beginning of our work and are calculated in a transparent way
  • We respect ourselves



  • We are passionate about our work
  • We seek the challenge of work and relationships that extend our thinking and our skills
  • We search out new ideas that will work in the real world
  • We remain grounded in the practical reality that leaders face
  • We benchmark our thinking, approach, skills and practice
  • We share what we know


  • We strive to be the best that we can be in all that we do
  • We aim for recognition as leaders in our field and we promote change and innovation in the way we work and the people that we work with
  • We improve the success of our clients working through their people who know their business best
  • We build sustainable results though people’s participation and team work
  • We run a profitable company and share our commercial success through our contribution to business



  • We strive to reach high standards and to add real value in the work that we do
  • We work collaboratively with others building partnerships for the long term
  • We build collegial ties based on strong, open relationships
  • We are responsive and will go the extra mile to provide timely advice and service
  • We are dependable, reliable and experienced
  • We aim to communicate a “clarity of purpose” that helps clients decide whether our approach and values fits their own