Charities Commission

Charities Commission contracted ChangeWorks to help us define our values and to embed them in to how we do business.

We worked with Grant Herman who was an excellent consultant. He is extremely professional, prompt, thorough and he has a good engaging facilitation style that matched our culture.

Identifying an organisation’s values can be seen by some managers as a “warm and fluffy” exercise. Grant conveyed to our management the strategic importance and benefits of values for our organisation and gained all staff’s “buy in” in a professional, credible and low key way. Staff warmed to Grant and felt comfortable participating in workshops.

The Outcome

The project involved a workshop with the senior leadership team (SLT) and two staff workshops to identify a set of values for the Commission and how these values would be interpreted in the workplace. There was then a follow up session with the SLT to refine the draft values, agree a series of definitions and discuss how they would be embedded. The Commission then proceeded to use the values to align work practices, the performance management system and role descriptions. The Commission reported that the whole exercise had been a success.

Working with ChangeWorks

Grant understood our needs, coached, rather than told, and supported us professionally through the whole project. Grant is a capable practitioner who remains understated. I liked that.

ChangeWorks are very good OD (Organisation Development) consultants who are self aware and competent. They are happy to pare back their consultancy to fit budget and still be realistic about what can be achieved within that budget. They used the consultancy time well and did not overcharge for the services we received.

ChangeWorks are practitioners, happy to defer to each other’s strengths and work as a team, rather than promoting their individual abilities. They stand for understated professionalism.

Leanne Mackay
Human Resources
Charities Commission