Sport and Recreation New Zealand (SPARC)

Working with ChangeWorks

We asked ChangeWorks to assist us in reviewing our organisation. There were three stages to this:

  • Looking at how effective SPARC was in the way we operated, and identifying the best structure for us.
  • Developing proposals for changing our structure and ways of working.
  • Assisting us in deciding how to implement the changes.

We worked with two consultants, Phil Hartwick and Grant Herman who brought different strengths to the review.
Phil’s analytical approach and facilitative style during the diagnosis stage was very good. He developed the contribution of key staff and worked well with the project team.

Grant had a robust, pragmatic and “real” approach to implementation. It’s easy to get lost in process and detail, but Grant achieved the right balance in his advice between keeping up the momentum and ensuring that we observed our employment obligations.

Phil and Grant were very adaptable in working with our timetable challenges. They were responsive and willing to adapt to meet our needs, while also ensuring there was no undue “mucking around”.

The Outcomes

ChangeWorks provided us with a good diagnosis of the things we had to work on. This involved the development of a new organisational structure and ways of working, with the input of our staff throughout the process. This was not a solution that was imposed from outside or from the top.

Overall, the review helped us get clearer about our core structures and business processes.

Nick Hill
Chief Executive
Sport and Recreation New Zealand