Senior Management Team – Performance Evaluation

Our senior management team was lacking a meaningful performance management system. We asked ChangeWorks to work with us to come up with a robust performance management regime that would provide us with good, meaningful feedback.

We particularly wanted to avoid the “tick the box” type processes, rigid systems that were time consuming – often creating additional work for managers. We wanted a process that would deal with some quite entrenched behaviours and habits. We also wanted a process that avoided discussions about remuneration, promotion and bonuses and focussed on performance feedback and performance development.

ChangeWorks designed a process specifically for our people – it was very in tune with them. Using a competency based approach, ChangeWorks collected qualitative feedback about each senior manager which was distilled in to themes and fed back one on one.

We met a little cynicism at the outset, however, as people became more familiar with the process, the feedback was good – people could see the benefit in it for them and they felt engaged and valued.

People were able to discuss some, often fairly sensitive/difficult matters, and a non-threatening environment was evident, where the opportunity was taken to deliver bouquets as well as brickbats. This is not something that has occurred in the past, so it was a breakthrough for us.

The Outcome

We now have a meaningful process for performance feedback for our senior management team. It’s a process people feel part of, and one that will continue to deliver meaningful behavioural change going forward.

Working with ChangeWorks

ChangeWorks worked with us in a focused, efficient and productive manner. Having Shona conduct the interviews on my behalf, provided a non-threatening environment where people could be completely open and honest. Shona gained people’s confidence and people felt they could trust her discretion entirely – there were no connotations of criticising colleagues behind their backs. The feedback gathered will feed into key performance and personal objectives for the year ahead.

Throughout the project, Shona provided mentoring, assistance with planning and discussion around strategy with individuals as they worked through the feedback process. Her non threatening style along with her maturity and knowledge enabled people to be honest and frank.

To sum up, we gathered accurate, wide-ranging, relevant and comprehensive feedback, from a variety of perspectives. There were no “stains on the fence” throughout. People could say what they found difficult and what bugged them – coaching was available and we provided support for change through mentoring and facilitation.

General Manager